Cyclopentanone Supplier In Ghaziabad

The most notable features of cyclopentanone in the chemicals market are its exceptional purity and quality. Manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, this compound ensures consistent, reliable results every time. The identification code 120-92-3 ensures that you are dealing with a reliable and recognized chemical.Our formula for medicines, development of cutting-edge fragrances, or creation of high-performance solvents is your secret ... Continue

Para Methoxy Phenyl Acetonitrile Trader In Thane

"Para-methoxyphenylacetonitrile!" It's not just your average product, it's changing production.Its unique formula combines the soothing properties of phenylacetonitrile with the invigorating essence of paramethoxyphenyl, resulting in a delightful fragrance that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.Paramethoxyphenylacetonitrile, scientifically known as C9H9NO, is a premium quality compound designed to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. ... Continue

Sodium Sulphite Supplier In Ahmedabad

(Na2SO3) Na2SO3 7757-83-7 Sulfuric acid disodium salt Sodium sulfite Disodium sulphiteChemical processes:With sodium sulfite (Na2SO3), a high quality disodium salt of sulfuric acid. With the chemical formula Na2SO3 and CAS number 7757-83-7, this compound is a versatile and essential component for various industrial applications.Sodium Sulphite offers great properties that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of uses. Its excellent solub ... Continue

Para Anisyl Alcohol Distributor In Bhiwandi

C8H10O2 105-13-5 p-Methoxy benzyl alcoholYour trusted source for the best formulation of para-anisyl alcohol, also known as p-methoxybenzyl alcohol. As a reputable Para Anisel alcohol dealer, we take pride in providing a high quality product that meets the highest industry standards.With the chemical formula C8H10O2 and CAS number 105-13-5, our paranisyl alcohol has been carefully formulated to ensure purity and consistency. This compound fin ... Continue

Para Cresidine Trader In Mumbai

C8H11NO 120-71-8 1-Amino-2-methoxy- 5-methylbenzene 3-Amino-4-methoxytolueneIntroducing Para Cresidine Trader - the perfect solution for all your chemical needs! With its casual and informative tone, this product description will definitely grab your attention.With its formula C8H11NO, this compound is a must-have for any chemistry enthusiast. One of the main components of this amazing compound is 1-amino-2-methoxy-5-methylbenzene. But wait ... Continue

Para Cresol Merchant In Dahej

 C7H8O 106-44-5 p-MethylphenolParacresol 98% - The solution formula for all your chemical needs!Are you looking for a high-quality chemical compound that guarantees exceptional purity and outstanding performance.Cresol! With its unbeatable formula of 98% C7H8O, this amazing product is here to revolutionize your chemical endeavors.Paracresol, also known as p-methylphenol, is a Class A chemical compound widely known for its versatility ... Continue

Ortho Cresol Supplier In Panoli

CH3C6H4 95-48-7 o-Hydroxytoluene o-Methylphenol o-Oxytoluene o-Cresylic acidIntroducing orthocresol, a chemical compound of interest to the scientific community. With the formula CH3C6H4 and CAS number 95-48-7, this product goes by several names including o-Hydroxytoluene, o-Methylphenol, o-Oxytoluene, and even o-Cresylic acid.Orthocresol has been the subject of concern because of its potential risks and dangers. Its properties and compositio ... Continue

Anisole Distributor In Ankleshwar

Formula-C7H8O Methoxybenzene Welcome to our industry where we explore the wonderful world of organic compounds! In this unit, we delve into the properties and uses of anisole, a colorless liquid with a pleasant sweet odor. Join us as we discover its unique properties, chemical structure, and various applications in chemistry and industry. and the profound impact it has on various industries and everyday life. Don't miss this affordable tri ... Continue

Phenol Mixture Marketing Broker In Valsad

Phenol mixture is used to disinfect the skin and relieve itching. This compound can be formulated using range in a range of formulas. This product is a mixture of phenolic resin and a product consisting of an appropriately selected filler which usually contains the required setting agent. As such, they find application in the textile, detergent, agrochemical and paint industries. ... Continue

Phenyl Acetic Acid Supplier In Gandhidham

To cater to the diverse of our clients, we are immersed in offering world class shipment of Phenylacetic Acid for use on all types used as an adjuvant for treatment of severe hyperammonemia and associated encephalopathy in adults, etc. The application of phenylacetic acid in the field of chemical production. ... Continue

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