Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals, commonly referred to as bulk chemicals, are substantial quantities of substances manufactured or imported for industrial applications. They serve as vital components, intermediates, or finished goods across diverse sectors.

Neshiel specializes in trading a wide range of products encompassing aromatic chemicals, pharma intermediates, dyes intermediates, and other key industries. Our comprehensive offerings cater to the specific requirements of these sectors, ensuring quality and reliability in every transaction.

List of Industrial Chemicals


CAS No. 100-66-3Conventional Name:Methoxy Benzene Phenyl Methyl EtherIUPAC Name:Methoxy Benzene... Continue

Ortho Cresol

CAS No. 95-48-7Conventional Name:o-Cresol (2-Hydroxy toluene)IUPAC Name:2-Methyl phenolIndustry:... Continue

Para Cresol 98%

CAS No. 106-44-5Cresols are derived from the sulfonation of Tolune and distillation after the fusion process. Cresols ... Continue

Para Anisic Aldehyde

Conventional Name:p-Anisyl aldehyde (p-Anisic aldehyde)IUPAC Name:4-Methoxy benzaldehydeIndustry:... Continue

Para Anisyl Alcohol

CAS No. 105-13-5Conventional Name:p-Anisyl alcohol (p-Anisic alcohol)IUPAC Name:4-Methoxy benzyl alcoh... Continue

Para Cresidine

CAS No. 120-71-8Conventional Name:3 Amino 4 MethoxytouleneIUPAC Name:2-Methoxy-5-methyl anilineI... Continue

Para Methoxy Phenly Aceto Nitrile

CAS No. 104-47-2Conventional Name:p-Anisyl cyanide (p-methoxy benzyl cyanide; 4-methoxy benzyl cyanide)I... Continue

Para Methoxy Phenly Acetic Acid

CAS No. 104-01-8Conventional Name:4-METHOXY PHENYL ACETIC ACIDIUPAC Name:(4-Methixyphenyl) ACETIC ACID... Continue

Para Anisic Acid

CAS No. 0100-09-4Conventional Name:4-METHOXYBENZOIC ACIDIUPAC Name: Industry: ... Continue

Para Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHB)

CAS No. 123-08-0Conventional Name:Para HydroxybenzaldehydeIUPAC Name:4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde​Ind... Continue


CAS No. 120-92-34Conventional Name:CyclopentanoneIUPAC Name:Adipic KetoneIndustry: ... Continue

Para Chloro Phenol

CAS No. 106-48-9Conventional Name:Methoxy Benzene Phenyl Methyl EtherIUPAC Name:Methoxy BenzeneI... Continue

Phenyl Acetic Acid

CAS No. 103-82-24Conventional Name:Phenylethanoic acidIUPAC Name:4-HydroxybenzaldehydeIndustry:... Continue

Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4)

CAS No. 7757-82-6Conventional Name:Sodium sulphate (Glauber's salt)IUPAC Name:Sodium sulphateInd... Continue

Sodium Sulphite (Na2SO3)

CAS No. 7757-83-7Conventional Name:Sodium SulphiteIUPAC Name:Sulfurous Acid Disodium SaltIndustr... Continue

Manganese Sulphate

CAS No. 10034-96-5Conventional Name:Manganese SulphateIUPAC Name:Manganese Sulfate MonohydrateIn... Continue

2, 4- Dichloro Phenol

CAS No. 120-83-2Conventional Name:2,4 DichlorophenolIUPAC Name:2,4 DCPIndustry:Crop Protection... Continue

2, 6- Dichloro Phenol

CAS No. 87-65-0Conventional Name:2,6 DichlorophenolIUPAC Name:2,6 DCPIndustry:Pharmaceutical... Continue

Phenol / Cresol Mixture

CAS No. 10034-96-5Conventional Name:Phenol / Cresol mixtureIUPAC Name:Methoxy benzeneIndustry:... Continue

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